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As Pioneers in manufacturing of Surgical Lights in India for the last 62 years, we have installed over 15,000 lights all over India. Over the last 62 years we have constantly adopted new processes and technologies. From the unwieldy Counterweight Systems to the sophisticated Spring Balancing Mechanism, from Incandescent Lamps to High Illumination Halogen Lamps. Product enhancements and development are a continuous process. Visual acuity is basic for all aspects of diagnostics and surgery. Healthcare professionals typically choose a level of lighting appropriate for their facilities based on performance and cost. But they can shortchange themselves on productivity and visual acuity by remaining with dim, shadow-ridden, hot lights when a higher performing product should be selected. When selecting the best surgical light for your application, factors such as intensity, color correction, shadow reduction, cool operation, bulb life and mounting systems are crucial. It is no wonder that when healthcare professionals make the decision for a new setup or to upgrade to new lights their overwhelming choice is Joshis Surgical Lights.